Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

  2. This Privacy Policy covers the Onlng treatment of personal information that is recorded when you submit an article. Other than the information requested in our online forms, no other information is collected from visitors to our web site.
    Our privacy policy does not apply to the practices of other companies advertised, or otherwise listed, on the Onlng web site, nor does it extend to people that Onlng does not employ or manage.

  3. Author Anonymity

  4. Onlng does not provide or guarantee author anonymity. Authors who wish to remain anonymous should either NOT complete the Author Profile in their member accounts OR complete it using a Pen Name.
    Although discovering an Author's real identity is difficult if a Pen Name is used in submitting articles, there are several ways for that information to be found if the Author Profile is completed with your real name and identity details.

  5. Information Sharing and Disclosure

  6. Onlng maintains your email address and other pertinent information in a secure database. Your contact information is never released or sold to any vendor, partner or outside agency. Onlng, however, reserves the right to contact Onlng members via email as deemed necessary. Such mailings will always include detailed unsubscribe information, providing members the option of removing themselves from future Onlng mailings at any time.

  7. Information Collection

  8. Onlng collects minimal personal information when you request or submit an article. The only information collected in these instances is your name, email address, IP address and the date of your request or submission.

  9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

  10. Onlng may amend this policy from time to time. If significant changes are made in the way your personal information is used, we will post a prominent announcement on our site notifying you of the change.

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